Busy Hands

Much work goes on behind the scenes, that helps keep Blue Church in order.

The groups listed below represent this work and their love for Blue Church.

We take this opportunity to acknowledge these volunteers selfless gifts of time and talent.


 Altar Guild                        The Altar Guild is responsible for preparing the worship space for the weekly

                                          celebration of Communion and for all other worship services of the congregation.

                                          The team works to ensure that linens are washed and readied for weekly services

                                          that paraments are changed for each season, that supplies are purchased when  

                                          needed and that the whole worship space is kept clean and in order for the

                                          congregation to gather in praise to our Lord.

 Communion Assistants     Communion Assistants ae lay worship leaders that assist the pastor in the

                                           distribution of Holy Communion, offering prayers, chanting and generally

                                           guiding the people of God in praise to our Savior.  They receive training from

                                           pastor and usually serve once very six weeks. 

 Counters                           This is a very dedicated group of volunteers who count the offering from the

                                           church services.  They work on a counting schedule for 6 months at a

                                           time.  There is usuallly three or four counters and one head counter.  Some

                                           volunteers count every week and others occasionally.  The head counter

                                           records the money received, reports it to the church secretary and deposits

                                           the money in the bank.

 Folders                               We fold our church bulletins and help out with what ever work the church

                                            secretary needs done.  On the QT.. we have wonderful church fellowship

                                            and help each other out with questions and answers.

 Greeters                             Greeters are from the general membership of the church.  They are scheduled by

                                             the church office and are expected to be at the church at least 1/2 hour before

                                             the service.  Their responsibilities are to greet people coming into the church,

                                             handing them a bulletin and informing them of any information needed for the

                                             service.  If they are visitors, greeters encourage them to sign the register and

                                             offer them information about the church.  Once church starts, greeters take

                                             a seat in church.

 Volunteers sign up to read the weekly Bible Lessons during Sunday Services

                                            and invite the congreation to participate in the Sunday Psalm.  You never know

                                            which week will have the readings with the difficult Biblical names so you

                                            have to  practice.

Luncheons                           Many people work to set up, make food, serve and clean up at funeral

                                             luncheons and dinners held at the church.  Although one person is in

                                             charge, many volunteers make light work of the event.


Ushers                                 Individual teams of ushers are set up at the beginning of the year.  They are

                                            responsible for offerings, communion duties, monitoring the flow of the

                                            congregational communion and any other helpful deed that is needed during

                                            the service.  Ushering allows new faces to get to know the church.

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